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Analytical Hypertext: Civic Engagement, Multiple Perspectives and Writing from a Comitted Standpoint. This is an academic website comprised of at least 2000 words, spread out over at least twelve web pages hyperlinked together.

The goal is to discuss problems arising between persons in relationship to other persons, institutions, and values.

This assignment asks you to write from a committed standpoint, like Barbara Ehrenreich, on an issue in which you feel personally invested but which also matters to many other people. The challenge will be to move from your personal situation to a statement of the conflict that engages groups of people with multiple standpoints.

The reading and writing habits that people have developed in connection with the internet and other contemporary media make it possible for you to compose an essay incorporating both multiple perspectives, incorporating sections that are first person in your voice with sections that are in other voices entirely.

In that sense, your essay can also emulate Schlosser's Fast Food Nation, which looks at a single issue (fast food) from multiple points of view, each of which he has researched exhaustively. For instance, I've asked you to read chapters 3 and 8. Ch 3 is all about fast food cooks/servers, while Ch 8 is about slaughterhouse workers. But he also has chapters on the consumer perspective (ch 9, "What's in the Meat") and from the point of view of fast-food franchisees (ch 4, "Success"), from the corporations themselves (ch 2, "Your Trusted Friends"), and even the perspective of the animals consumed,: ch 6, "On the Range."

Your essay can sustain very different points of view and still be enormously effective and have a high degree of wholeness and integrity.






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