English 2 Week 2  

Overall objectives:
Discussion of hypertext poetics and document design issues
Presentation of personal web sites, peer response
Dreamweaver tutorial continued
Discuss Topic Invention for Hypertext Essay #1

1. Everyone request an angel account at
2. Presentation of completed or near-completed personal websites. Discuss design decisions and advanced training by Gloria or Teri.
3. Brief discussion of intellectual property issues: a) creative commons, copyleft or other choices regarding your own work and b) the use of an image credit and link to the source page for borrowed noncopyrighted images on all of your pages using such material for educational and noncommercial purposes.


1. Revise your personal website for:
a) design b) written content and c) intellectual property choices

2. Topic Invention for Hypertext Essay #1 (This includes reading Ehrenrich pp 1-119)

Criteria for completing your personal website.

If you have not done so already, attend one of the open lab help sessions in the Orradre Library Information Commons this week. This is the best time to get help finishing and publishing your personal web site.

Site criteria: It should have at least four pages linked together, and should have images, coherent and compelling design, together with a statement about design decisions and sites that influenced those design decisions, textual information, and links to external pages (not created or maintained by you).

The writing should be revised. You will probably want to develop the writing on the page entitled "My Low Wage Life," for instance. You may want to clarify, expand, or substantially alter the "I Resign" letter.

You may choose to emphasize an informal writing style in certain areas. Other areas may have a more "professional" tone. Even "informal" writing involves stylistic choices when you are thinking about the potentially large readership of a website.

The site should have an image credit and link to the orginal source for all non-copyrighted images borrowed for educational and informational purposes. (Eg: "this noncopyrighted image was originally found at (link), and is presented here for educational purposes only.") (This requirement can be postponed a week until further discussion of the relevant issues.)

The purpose of the site and individual pages should be clear.

You do NOT have to provide images of yourself or personal information to be successful in this project.

You can make your personal website about an issue, activity, or interest, and—if you prefer—provide only a mailto link to yourself as site author. Or the site can be primarily aimed at displaying your “professional” persona. 

The website does not have to be “finished”—most websites are always work in progress—but it should have a sense of wholeness and meaningful readiness for publication. If there are compelling reasons to do so, you may create a website that is linked together on disk and submit it without actually publishing it to the web. Likewise, if you feel you have good reason to do so, you may create your website in a way that protects your identity.


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