Journalism /Media Lab Rules and Contract

1.  You assume financial responsibility for the first $1,000 of any loss or damage to equipment due to negligence or abuse, either as an individual or as a member of a group, whichever the case. In the case of damages or losses caused by non class members (those who are not enrolled in a Communication Department course), the student who recruited their help assumes financial responsibility for the loss.  At the discretion of the Communication Department these charges may be billed automatically to your Bursar account.

2. Equipment and facilities may be used for projects assigned in Communication Department courses only.  The department chair must expressly approve any outside projects.

3.  You may not eat, drink or smoke in the Journalism/Media Lab or any part of the video production facility, including the studio, edit bays, control rooms, group study rooms, scenery storage and hallways. If you do, you may lose your access.

4.  You must have an authorized Access card to use the facilities. You will need your access card  to access the facilities; each user should enter by swiping his/her own Access card.  While you are in a particular area you are responsible for ALL activity in that area. Do not let anyone else in on your card; if you do, you may lose your access privileges.

5. When you are finished using a facility you must ALWAYS confirm that the facility is locked.  If you are in an alarm-controlled area you must also set the alarm. 

6.  GUIDELINES CONCERNING JOURNALISM/MEDIA LAB outside of scheduled class/lab times:
A.  The amount of time allowed and the computer storage allocated for each class during each quarter may vary because of class sizes.  You must observe these limits in your reservations and use of the lab.  Students who routinely violate the prescribed limits for a class will be barred from using the facilities.
B. Scheduled classes and class labs always have priority use of the Lab.
C. No more than 4 hours may be reserved for any one single block of time and no more than 8 hours in a given 24-hour period may be reserved. Do not book blocks back to back.
D.  If you exceed the limits listed above, you will lose your lab privileges. 
E. If you do not show up within fifteen minutes of your reservation time, you will forfeit your time to any student waiting to claim it.  First-come, first-served.
F. The Lab has a sign-in sheet to verify when you arrived (other than class or scheduled lab times), left, and that the lab’s equipment (computers, printer, scanners, zip drives, card readers) is in place.  You must fill out one of these sheets every time you use the Lab. Please immediately report any damaged or missing equipment in the Lab. If you turn on the projector, please turn it off when you are finished.

7.  It is your responsibility to remove all of your materials, including disks, graphics, music, scripts, and computer media files from the Lab upon completion of your work session.  You may store material in the Student Folder or in the Shared Folder on the computer. You should create a sub-folder with your name and use that for your materials. Any materials left in the Lab after a work session may be removed unless previous arrangements are made with your instructor. 
8.  If equipment does not work properly, stop using it.  Don't force it, attempt to repair it, or continue to use it.  Please report damage or needed repairs: Fill out an equipment discrepancy report (you will find these across from the chief engineer's office) and clip it to the engineer's door.

9.  Any infraction of the above rules will result in loss of equipment privileges for the rest of the quarter. 

10.  By signing this contract, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the conditions outlined above.



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