English 2 Week 10



In class, we'll discuss what we find most successful about each other's websites, and ask individuals to discuss how they came to particularly successful decisions. Afterward, I'll save time for individual conferences to discuss your self-evaluations. You have three basic choices:

a) You can let your learning essay speak for itself
b) You can give me a written proposal for your final grade based on the learning essay and your sense of how you fulfilled all of the requirements for the class provided in the syllabus.
c) You can confer with me to talk about the final grade you're aiming for, based on your current performance in relation to course requirements and get my suggestions for further revisions, extra credit, etc. To confer with me at this time you MUST have completed &published a learning essay and all of the required elements of the website--including revised printable essay, annotated bib, literature review, revised individual web pages and revised design. (If you haven't completed these things, you can still meet with me during office hours or by appointment.)

And: congratulations!

I've really enjoyed working with all of you.

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