English 2 Week 4: Responding and Revising

1. Visit by Gail Gradowski, research strategies.
2. Discussion of Fast Food Nation.
3. Discussion and in-class activity: responding to student writing, UW and Portland State checklists, plus special considerations in hypertext: reading behavior (Liu) navigation (dang ) document design (The Web Style Guide ) question: does "good writing" become less important? do the criteria for "good writing" change? if so, how much and in what ways?

Discussion of various views on "good writing" and hypertext:
Owen Strain's How to Make A Final Project Randy Brooks' Old-Fashioned Writing on the Computer: Resisting the Modular Nature of Writing in the Info-Age James Griffith, Introduction to Hypertext Papers and Web Authoring

Additional resources for peer response:
UW peer response guidelines and Portland State worksheet

1) After doing some additional research, create a printable or "flat" version of your website in the form of a traditional essay of 1500 to 2000 words. You may incorporate as much of the text you wrote on individual web pages as you feel is helpful. HOWEVER: your goal is to make a traditional printable essay, and the writing has to be successful on those terms. Simply pasting chunks of the hypertext together will not be successful for most people. Make use of the feedback provided in today's class. Add this printable version to your website.

2. After creating the printable version, REVISE the website itself, making use of the feedback, your additional research, and any additional insights gained by creating the "flat" essay.




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