English 2 Week 5

1. Presentation of revised hyperessays and printable versions; peer response and midterm goals and review.
2. Discussion and topic generation for essay #2, "Living the Low Wage Life."
3. Discussion: library databases, annotated bibliographies and reviews of academic literature.
4. Discussion: goals and outcomes

Items to review: Liu on navigation (dang ) document design (The Web Style Guide ) Human Subjects Research Owen Strain's How to Make A Final Project Randy Brooks' Old-Fashioned Writing on the Computer: Resisting the Modular Nature of Writing in the Info-Age James Griffith, Introduction to Hypertext Papers and Web Authoring

Additional resources for peer response:
UW peer response guidelines and Portland State worksheet


1. If you have not done so already, prepare a final revision of the website and printable version for a conference with me. Print, sign and complete a goals and review statement.
2. Read Shipler's Introduction and Chapters 1-3. Prepare a 300-word proposal for hypertext essay #2, "Living the Low Wage Life," and publish it to the class weblog. Be sure to relate your proposal to ideas and concepts drawn from the reading of Ehrenreich, Schlosser, and Shipler, citing page numbers.




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