Goals and Review: Preparation for Individual Conferences.

Print, sign, and date this page. Use it to help assess your progress at 50% of the way through the term and to formulate some goals for your efforts between now and the end of the quarter. It may be helpful to use a graduated response, such as 5= completely agree, 4= mostly agree, 3= agree about half way 2= agree slightly 1= completely disagree. However, you can make any kind of response you like, including narrative.

My personal website is complete, involves multiple web pages linked together, features at least one strong personal interest (but may or may not present any identifiable personal information). ____

My personal website has a clear purpose, and coherent and compelling design principles that I learned by studying other websites, and includes a short section discussing my design decisions, referring to pages that influenced those decisions. ____

I am up to date with my reading of Ehrenreich, Schlosser, and Shipler ______

I am up to date with my participation in the class weblog _____

My analytical hypertext presents vivid first-person accounts of differing views on an issue in which I have a personal stake _______.

My analytical hypertext incorporates multiple genres and points of view in an integrated fashion that enhances my site's core mission. ______

My analytical hypertext includes a printable version ____

My analytical hypertext includes at least 2000 words of my own writing that I substantially revised after developing a printable version ____ .

I have proofread and revised my printable version as well _______.

My analytical hypertext cites its sources using a standard citation form (eg MLA, APA) ____.

My analytical hypertext cites sources of borrowed images and links back to the source pages ______.

My analytical hypertext is designed to address some of the issues raised by Liu's article on internet reading habits and Jerz's website on problems in hypertext navigation, including good choices regarding the placement of internal and external links, the length of individual pages, etc _____

Some possible goals:

I would like to study my peers' writing to learn effective strategies for research, critical writing, and hypertext design _____

I would like my websites and blog entries to make a difference in the world outside the classroom. ___

I would like my low-wage hypertext and other projects to be something that someone who lived the low-wage life or other issue would find useful and worthy of recommending to others. ____

Some ways that good academic writing for hypertext differs from my previous academic writing:




After reviewing the CWPA outcomes statement (print and check off, if you wish) some of the things I've learned so far:




After reviewing the CWPA outcomes statement (star or circle, if you wish), some things I would like to focus on to improve my learning in the next four or five weeks:





Some of the ways I think I can use what I've learned in my other classes, at work, or in relation to my activities and interests:



Other thoughts:







signed____________________________ date___________________