English 2 Week 8:

In class:
1. Discussion of the relationship between hypertext composition and critical thinking.
2. Peer response to hypertext drafts.


1. In response to the feedback you've received, revise your website to include at least a dozen individual web pages and at least 2000 words of your own writing. It should have as its core mission the evocation of the lived experience of a particular low-wage occupation, but should also incorporate multiple genres and points of view in a way that enhances the core mission.

2. Prepare a 6-7 page (minimum 2000 words) research paper on the the problem of low-wage work, featuring the particular low-wage occupation you've chosen. You should draw on the research you've done for the annotated bibliography and review of the literature, and you may incorporate as much of the text you wrote on individual web pages as you feel is helpful.

HOWEVER: your goal is to make a traditional printable essay, and the writing has to be successful on those terms. Simply pasting chunks of the hypertext together will not be successful for most people.

Bring 3 hard copies of the essay to class.




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