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Most of these criteria are common sense: do your posts engage the assigned reading, the topic, and/or the assigned prompting questions? Do they display a critical awareness of the reading and an equally critical awareness of other posts on the list? Do they further the conversation? Are they effectively written (regardless of punctuation)?

Sometimes you'll be responding in the weblogs to the reading; other times you'll be responding to other student projects.


Weblog and Discussion Groups Requirement

From time to time I'll ask you to post remarks to discussion groups and weblogs, such as our class Equality Monitor weblog at . The topics will generally be responses to the assigned reading or student writing.

This is informal writing, and you are free to punctuate and use language as you wish. Nonetheless, there will be relevant criteria for effective posting in discussion lists and blogs, which we'll discuss in class each week.

I value this informal writing highly. In lieu of reading exams or quizzes, it is often your best chance to engage the assigned course reading, as well as other students, in a meaningful way relevant to your final grade proposal.





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