Marc Bousquet, Emory University
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Marc Bousquet

I’ve been at Emory since 2012, where I’m an associate professor in the Department of Film & Media. Mainly I teach classes on digital media, participatory culture, and the genres of melodrama and realism.

My current research is Monetizing The Student, a book exploring how universities capitalize on student time, including media playbor.

It is under contract to Johns Hopkins University Press. In some ways it is a sequel to an earlier book,  How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation [PDF] (NYU, 2008).

My contribution, “Labor,” appears in the new edition of Keywords for American Cultural Studies. Recent commentary includes Moving the Goalposts in Graduate Education   Who’s Against “College For All”? Citizen Science (NSF Ideas Lab)   Domain of One’s Own @Emory