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A Mad Lib

Fill in the blanks in this unedited Williams interview question:

Williams So back to… We were talking about your book, TITLE. So I said I was EMOTION when I looked at it, I mean, I had a lot of NOUN about it, I mean in a way you talk about NOUN in a way before FAMOUS CRITIC’S NAME does, you talk about NOUN ASSOCIATED WITH CRITIC insofar as you talk about how critics have PLURAL NOUN. I mean a ADJECTIVE thing I think you say in one passage… It’s ADJECTIVE that there’s actually so much agreement. And the other key thing is LITERARY TERM—it strikes me that you VERB CRITIC’S NAME, which deals with the change in ANOTHER LITERARY TERM, but you have been VERB with change in A DIFFERENT LITERARY TERM, I suppose, as well as in NOUN the whole time. And, you know what I mean, if I think of key words, that organize on nodal points of what you do, they would be KEY WORD and KEY WORD. That wouldn’t be a surprise, I guess, to tell most people. But applying them to GENRE is where it gets interesting.

So, that was my little preamble. Now I should ask a better question. So talking about BOOK TITLE, and what NOUN was at that point. Oh, I know what I wanted to ask. The thing is a lot of your work deals with THEORETICAL CONCEPT, obviously. I mean we talked about the GROUP OF CRITICS, the ANOTHER GROUP OF CRITICS. In the ORDINAL NUMBER century and certainly in earlier periods, my sense is that it wasn’t even ADJECTIVE. A lot of the work was different even than that. So what were the other kinds of NOUN when you were writing this, when you were thinking about all these things? What was the status of MLA JOB LIST CATEGORY, or…?