The Roast Issue
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Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Top Ten Reasons that Jeff Williams Should
Continue to Edit mr

10) He has yet to edit a triple issue.

9) The Marxists are concerned that he has yet to edit an issue devoted to the color “red.”

8) Will miss complaining to us about the lack of support from CMU for mr.

7) So that he still has a good excuse not to spend time with his family over the holidays.

6) So that future generations of grad students can continue to kiss his ring at the mr cash bar.

5) Still needs to interview himself interviewing himself for mr.

4) symploke would have no place to send its rejected articles.

3) Still has not edited a 1,000-plus page issue.

2) He’s finally getting somewhat good at it.

1) He’s irreplaceable.

As Spinoza said, “All things excellent are as difficult as they arerare.” Jeff, you are one of the finest journal editors in America. Thanks for all of your many contributions to American letters through your editorial work with mr.