New Book from NYU Press: How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation By Marc Bousquet, Santa Clara University

The triumph of the corporate university. Ph.D.s in crisis. The tuition gold rush.
A nightmarish world of underpaid, overworked undergraduates.

"The single most important recent advance in our understanding of the structure of higher education." --Cary Nelson

How the University Works
by Marc Bousquet

This is the seamy underbelly of higher education — a world where faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates all work long hours for fast-food wages.

Tenure-track positions are at an all-time low, with adjuncts and graduate students teaching the majority of courses.

Burdened by debt, millions of undergraduates work multiple part-time jobs but quit before they earn a degree.

Meanwhile college presidents and basketball coaches rake in millions, even at schools where fewer than half of students are able to earn a degree in six years.

Assessing the costs of the corporate university at every level, How the University Works is urgent reading for anyone interested in the fate of higher education.

Preface by Cary Nelson:  Resistance is Not Futile
1. Introduction: Your Problem is My Problem 
2. The Informal Economy of the Information University
3. The Faculty Organize, But Management Enjoys Solidarity
4. Students are Already Workers
5. Composition as Management Science 
6. The Rhetoric of “Job Market” and the Reality of the Labor System 
Appendix A: Yeshiva University 444 US 672, “Justice Brennan, dissenting”   
Appendix B: Brown University 1-RC-21368, “Liebman and Walsh, Dissenting”      

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